About us

Australian DME Fuels Pty Ltd was formed by three colleagues, Michael van Baarle, Jannie Grové and Lance Flugge, who were inspired by the idea of introducing into the Australian market a new clean high-performance gaseous fuel, being dimethyl ether or DME.

After many years of research and development, DME has finally gained a foothold in the fuel markets of countries such as China, USA, Japan, South Korea and Sweden.

The attractions of DME for its founders were compelling. First and foremost was DME’s versatility. No other fuel had such a high performance profile across so many applications - diesel engines, gas cookers, fuel cells, gas turbines. When the founders examined this versatility in the context of DME’s low environmental impact, competitive production cost, and ease of manufacture, they were confident there was a place for DME in Australia.

Each of the co-founders has a background in and passion for innovative industrial development, with two having previously overseen significant development work involving DME in the USA. Between them, they have the requisite skills to realise their vision, ranging from chemical engineering and industrial operational experience to legal, compliance and management expertise. ADME Fuels is based in Brisbane, Australia.